Keyboard Shortcuts

When we’re all trying to achieve simplicity in our daily lives, whether with simple recipes, simple living, or a simple business plan, some keyboard shortcuts can help us achieve some of this simplicity.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts have existed since the days of DOS, but many people have either forgotten them or were never familiar with them in the first place. For instance, to highlight a passage of text, rather than having to hold down the shift key and either arrow down, page down or try to scroll down with the mouse, a simple Ctrl A will select the entire text.

To copy this highlighted text, rather than going to the pull-down menu at the top and selecting “Edit” and then “Copy”, simplify matters with another keyboard shortcut of Ctrl C, which will copy the entire highlighted text.

Additional keyboard shortcuts are as follows:
•Ctrl B will bold the selected text.
•Ctrl I will italicize selected text.
•Ctrl N will open a new blank document.
•Ctrl O will bring up the My Documents folder.
•Ctrl P will send the current document to the printer.
•Ctrl S will save the entire document.
•Ctrl V will paste the copied text into wherever the cursor is located.
•Ctrl X will cut the selected text.
•Ctrl Y will repeat the last action.
•Ctrl Z will undo the last action.

These keyboard shortcuts are not case-sensitive nor are they a comprehensive list. However, they are an easy way to simplify keyboard operations and when you’re typing hundreds or thousands of keystrokes per day, time savers like these can be a big help.

Additionally, custom keyboard shortcuts can be made by using the “AutoCorrect” function found in Microsoft Word. This feature in essence creates a macro; you tell it what you want to type in and what you want printed out. For example, in the “replace:” box, you could type “mwd” and in the “with:” box you could type “Microsoft Word”, and every time you typed “mwd”, it would be replaced with “Microsoft Word.”

So in your efforts to achieve simplicity in your life, use some of these keyboard shortcuts or think up some that will be yours alone!

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