As our lives are becoming increasingly complex, many are striving for simplicity in their lives. This can take many forms, whether it is a collection of simple recipes, moving to rural areas for simple living and lifestyle or creating a simple business plan that will still work.

Simple Life

Simple Life

In addition, there are many other ways to simplify our daily lives. The primary change can be to switch off the television. Much of what is on television encourages us to buy more or upgrade what we have when really, what we have works well for us. There is very little on the nightly news that contributes to overall well-being; in fact it is geared toward sensationalism and generally has little relevance to our daily lives.

Another area where we can achieve simplicity is in our spending habits; we do not need to buy just because we can. The result of curtailing spending is that the credit card bills go down, therefore we need to work less to pay them, therefore we have more time for leisure and family activities. Rather than spending time shopping at the mall, spend time volunteering at a local shelter for animals or people.

Simplicity in surroundings can create a calmer, more peaceful environment. Ridding your house of the clutter that abounds everywhere will help you achieve simplicity in your environment. This can provide a more serene atmosphere for your thoughts to flourish.

Whether keyboard shortcuts help you achieve simplicity in your work environment or donating most of your closet to charity helps achieve simplicity at home, the key is to eliminate clutter from both your surroundings and your mind. When we rid our minds of the clutter that bombards us at every angle, we are more attuned to finding the beauty in the simple things that surround us.

So make an effort to simplify your life; awaken yourself to the need for fewer material possessions and focus on the more altruistic aspects of life. Recognizing that there is a bigger picture and putting the needs of others ahead of our own wants is the surest way to achieve simplicity in our lives!

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